Who We Are – Board of Directors

E-mail addresses listed below are in the form of position@mts-sandiego.org, where position is the text in bold below the name.

2017 Election

Position Name / Affiliation
Chairman: Alan Kenny – Kenautics
Vice Chairman: Larry Hagstrom – Sidus Solutions
Treasurer: Rob Cornick – SeeByte
Secretary: Jose Martinez-Diaz -Fugro
Councilors: Larry Nordell Retired – Mt. Miguel High School
  Sheila Johnson – Ocean Innovations
  Mary Grace DeForest – Teledyne Seabotix
Kendra Klint – Remote Ocean Systems
  Brandon Leap – Tecnadyne
  Mark Fleming – VideoRay
 Sean Sadlier – Navy PMS 408
   B. Jack Pan – Scripps Institution of Oceanography
At Large: David Horrigan – DHART Engineering
Kevin Hardy – Retired, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Brock Rosenthal – Ocean Innovations

Opportunity runs deep….