Membership Benefits

MTS Monthly Dinner Meeting

The MTS monthly meeting is designed to be an informal setting for our membership and guests to meet people from a diverse maritime background and to provide a venue for networking with others in the marine industry. It also provides a venue to keep up to date with the developments in our industry; every month, we invite a guest speaker to provide an overview of the advances in technology, upcoming business opportunities and ongoing projects within their respective fields of interest. Join us on the last Thursday of every month at the Homefire Grill to exchange your ideas, enjoy the catering and mingle with others who share a passion for the oceans.

MTS Holiday Dinner

The annual MTS Holiday dinner is usually held towards the middle of December in an effort to bring our members and their families together to celebrate the holiday season. Over the years, the venue for this event has alternated, but regardless of where it is held, we always manage to have a great time and end it with our famous White Elephant Gift Exchange. Check back with our web site or keep an eye out for the MTS newsletter for details on the 2005 Holiday Dinner.

MTS Corporate Appreciation Dinner

San Diego has one of the largest concentrations of Marine Technology firms anywhere in the country. Corporate support of our local initiatives and their participation in various MTS events is invaluable to enable to fulfillment of our societies stated objectives. In appreciation, we organize an annual dinner where selected companies within our membership are recognized for their contributions to the Marine Technology Society.

MTS Specialty Topic Workshops

We are looking forward to reviving this initiative to host workshops for our membership on a variety of topics that we feel may be beneficial to companies and individuals in our industry. The details of this initiative are yet to come but please let us know what topics you would like to have addressed.

MTS Collaboration with Other Associations

We are working with several organizations in our region that have similar interests in order to broaden our collaborative reach. Some of the societies we are working to collaborate with are IEEE, OES, the Surfrider Foundation and the Ocean Foundation. Please feel free to let us know if you are part of another society who would like to establish joint initiatives with MTS.

MTS Scripps Exchange of Ideas

This is yet another new initiative which we plan to undertake where a forum will be devised for students at the university level have an opportunity to direct questions about the Marine Technology to industry leaders and share their ideas on how they can contribute and be a part of this growing industry.

MTS Picnic

The annual MTS picnic is an event where we really get to appreciate the fact that we are San Diego Section Members. Generally located by a body of water for those of us who are water sports fans, this is the time to put your swimming trunks on and enjoy the weather. Activities like volleyball and Frisbee are a given along with hot dogs and burgers off the barby. The annual sail boat races are also held at this event so be sure to bring your thinking caps with you.

MTS Fishing Expeditions

It was brought to our attention that some of our members enjoy the occasional outing on a boat, hence we thought we would organize a weekend offshore fishing trip. Anyone who is interested should let us know so we can actually make this happen.

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