Monthly Speaker Meeting – October 26, 2017 – Giovanni’s Restaurant


SPEAKER:   KC Jack Nave
SDSU Mechatronics
Mechanical Team Captain
Mechanical Engineering Department

KC ‘Jack’ Nave will be presenting (Mechanical Team Captain) along with a few of his teammates and will be bringing in the Team’s new AUV known as the “Perseverance” for inspection.  Feedback is encouraged and welcomed.  

The vehicle implements significant new improvements including a new hull design, stereovision cameras, a neural network for object detection, and a new user friendly software interface.  A copy of the Mechatronics Team’s paper can be found here: Perseverance JournalPaperFinal

“Mechatronics is a fully student-run organization at San Diego State University.

​As a multidisciplinary team of engineering and business students, we provide a challenging team-based environment with real-world applications, like through the designing, fabricating, programming, and wiring of autonomous underwater vehicle systems. Our team consists of over 20 undergraduate students and is divided into three sub-teams: Mechanical, Software, and Electrical.”

The Mechatronics website can be found at:


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