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Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016

6-8 PM

Mr. Sheldon Rubin – Mr Steve Walker)
Periodic Inspection of Hazardous Environment Storage Tanks using ROV.

Abstract:  Periodic inspections of petroleum product storage tanks are mandated by law and currently cost between $1million and $5million to perform.  Because of the high cost, the inspections are sparingly performed and insufficient data is collected to accurately extrapolate when a tank will need future repairs or to be retired.  Due to the extremely adverse and hazardous working conditions, very limited data of poor quality is collected.  The Sonasearch Storage Tank Surveyor (STS) system performs a comprehensive, detailed inspection of tank integrity without taking it out of service for a small fraction of the current cost and the cost of the system is less than the current cost of a single tank inspection.  An ultrahigh resolution Acoustic Camera™ is positioned by an amphibious ROV to perform the tank inspection from the inside of the tank.  The patent-pending system is being certified for operation worldwide in hazardous areas

Sheldon Rubin has over 40 years of experience designing and building ROVs, sensors and marine instrumentation systems, both as a design engineer and as a manager, beginning as a crewmember of the Bathyscaph Trieste.

Steve Walker, President of Sonasearch, Inc. has over 40 years of experience in executive leadership, technical team management, business development and systems architecture over a broad spectrum including advanced acoustics, oilfield downhole tools and corporate software applications development & design.

At Giovanni’s Pizza,, 9353 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego 92123.

Mar.. 24, 2016 Open House
Join Tecnadyne Facility at an Open House as they open their expanded Mira Mesa facility  6-8 PM

9770 Carroll Centre Road, San Diego, CA 92126

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